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Pressure Washing

There is a variety of reasons our customers request our pressure washing services. Pastor Cleaning is dedicated to helping our clients keep their properties clean and pressure washing is another way in which we do that.

There are several surfaces that can be cleaned and maintained by pressure washing and here are some of them:

Siding (Low Pressure)

We can pressure wash the exterior of your home to rinse off dust any debris that may have accumulated due to the wind or other weather factors. Another reason you may want the exterior of your property pressure washed may be cobwebs or pigeon dropping buildup.

Whether your home or building exterior is vinyl siding, stucco, brick, aluminum or another type of metal, we can pressure wash it from top to bottom and leave it looking cleaner and brighter than it was before.

Garage Doors & Driveways

Combining the power of pressure washing with the right cleaning solution treatment and scrubbing agitation, stains and marks will be removed or look significantly better than before the pressure washing.

Sideways, Walkways & Pool Decking

Surfaces can become soiled for many different reasons. The power of pressure washing and the combination of scrubbing agitation and the right cleaning compound when necessary can restore a number of surfaces such as concrete, asphalt and pool decking.


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