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Window Cleaning

Windows are your view to the outside world. They provide an access point for bright sunlight and clean crisp air to enter your home. They are also a focal point to any room. Clean windows make a happy home.

Our process is very complete, leaving you with a very clean window and making you the envy of all your neighbors.

Our 9-step window washing process:

  1. First, we remove all the screens and take them outside to be gently brushed with water and soap and rinsed with fresh water.
  2. Next, from the inside of the house, we open each window (when possible) and wipe out the tracks and sills.
  3. Then, we start washing the interior windows, wetting them and very carefully, with a razor scraper, removing anything that may have found its way to the surface of the window.
  4. Once the window has been scraped, we once again wet it with our scrubber washer.
  5. Now, it is time to squeegee and dry your window.
  6. After using the squeegee to remove most of the moisture on the glass, we finish by wiping the edges to remove all remaining moisture.
  7. Next, we start washing your exterior frames and windows, removing all dirt, grime, smudges, dust, cobwebs, and anything else with our soft washer and mild window washing solution.
  8. Repeat steps 3 to 6 with the exterior windows.
  9. Finally, we wipe down all your sills with a sponge/wet towel.

I would highly recommend Pastor Cleaning to my friends and neighbors

Jose is very professional, responsive, punctual and dependable. He did an awesome job pressure washing my exterior which was so dirty and dingy before he came – and after he worked his magic, I kept walking outside to admire how great everything looked.

Amy Okel

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